“It was an honour and privilege to participate in the International quality conclave organised by Astron healthcare. let me congratulate Dr. Bhatia and his team for organising such a successful event and the feedback I got from interacting with people present was very positive about the event. I look forward to more interactions with you in the future. Thanks you once again.”

Dr. D. Nagar
It was a real pleasure knowing the other side of your initiatives. I , so far , only knew you for the CII. Great conclave . Thoroughly enjoyed and learned from it.”

Dr. Rajendra Gupta
“IHCQF- Your gift to the nation”. We felicitate you for spreading the knowledge of quality all over & wish you more & more success.

Dr. Anoop Daga
I must congratulate Dr. Bhatia and his team of dedicated young professionals for very successful conduct of the event. Your initiative and enthusiasm is really praise worthy. It will go a long way in bring Quality improvement in Healthcare all over country

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