A Guide To Better Hospital Floor Plans

Healthcare is not only about the doctors and nurses healing patients but also about its infrastructure. Similarly, as medicine advances, so does the care that goes into designing hospital floor plans. It’s because diligence in design is necessary. To help you get the most pre-construction planning, below are 6 insight and tips for multi-speciality hospital floor plans.

1. Understand the Demographics

Whether you’re renovating the hospital or building a new one from scratch, one thing that you must take the time to understand is the demographics, needs, wants and goals of a healthcare facility. Understand the existing programs and examine what can be improved.

2. Patient-Friendly Design

Most of the hospitals now focused on the outpatients’ treatment and making the patient’s trip an event. Often, the outpatients don’t feel comfortable in hospitals. Such kind of perception needs to be catered to through the design of your building and structure. Think patient-friendly design for the hospital not like a boring old hospital.

3. Gather Information

Manage short interviews with the executive team, physicians and other staff and then prepared a master plan. Pay attention to what they are saying and examine all the department to know.

4. Work Smartly

After making the strategy, smartly work on it by making the visitor flow easy and efficient. It’s crucial to keep outpatient and inpatient flow independent of each other. Make medical staff circulation smooth and discrete.

5. Choose Right Designing Location

With a good design hospital and department location, you can maximise doctor and staff flow and routine. This will assure that your building runs like a well-oiled engine.

6. Go Step By Step

Once you start working on the plan, don’t get all the work done at once because it could create chaos. Let your executive team and hospital’s board determine how you pay for it and when. After discussion, communicate with your builder. This makes for an insignificant interruption to existing hospital programs and a more practical plan of attack.


Apart from the above tips, a multi-speciality hospital floor plan should have a detailed all floor layout and site plan. For example, the ground floor must have parking entirely. The upper ground or first floor accommodates different wings like Paediatric, Dental, Laboratory, Skin, Gynae, Psyche, Paediatric Ward etc. with multi-bedded Ward with their required facilities.

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