Healthy Business Design: 4 Steps to Expand the Healthcare Business

Healthy Business Design is the formula designed to develop the business of private health facilities that want to design new health experiences for their patients.

Patients at the center of an ongoing transformation in the world of health and well-being: from patients to people, with their needs and needs. The program allows to change the approach to care, from “to care” to “to care” thanks to design methodologies that will enable:

  • Focus on the objectives
  • Better understand patients
  • Develop effective strategies to attract new ones


Healthy Business Design can also be applied to networks of medical facilities, multi-specialist studies and single-specialist studies that want to differentiate themselves and represent a fixed point in their territory.

How does Healthy Business Design work?

Healthy Business Design by health care equipment planners is developed in 4 structured steps, designed to achieve concrete results in a concise time:

Understanding customers:

Through individual interviews with the key people of the company and, thanks to a visual representation of the results, experts identify the values that characterize the activity. Not only that, because it analyzes the business model, establishes its objectives and traces the profile of ideal patients.

Design a new experience:

The hospital consulting companies in India works side by side with companies to redesign the interactions that patients have with the services provided, to optimize their experience and allow medical facilities to easily reach the target set.

This step is characterized by the organization of one or more co-design workshops in which, in synergy with companies, solutions capable of solving real needs are developed.

The result will be the representation of a flow of actions performed by patients from the moment in which there is a need to approach the company up to the phases following the effective use of the services.

Every step will correspond to a series of specific actions that the work team will have to complete to accompany the patient along with his path.

Functional verification:

With interviews and questionnaires, subjected to a panel of new and old patients, Astron Healthcare verifies that the unique experience designed is what they want and puts it further by the feedback received.

The areas of intervention:

Once the objectives have been understood, the experience has been designed and the solutions with the customers tested, and the phase of concrete transformation of the business takes place.

The areas on which intervenes are mainly:

  • Activation of innovation processes
  • Optimization of existing business processes, with the possible addition of digital support technologies
  • Development of new customer acquisition strategies (digital marketing) and communication
  • Training and coaching for staff to implement the solutions identified

Do you know how to consider hospital electrical installations in the planning of medical equipment for your health center?

The planning of medical equipment is vital for the successful renovation of hospital space. It is done to make optimal use of care provided to their patients at the lowest possible cost.

The key to the successful hospital space planning design and planning of the process of building a new space in a health center, regardless of its size, includes the incorporation of appropriate medical technology along with consideration of the following factors:

  • The strategic vision of the organization.
  • Trends in medical equipment technology.
  • Operational requirements and clinical needs.
  • Patient and staff safety.

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