The Process Overview of Health Care Equipment Planners in a Project

Thinking of hiring a team of Health Care Equipment Planners, For your big hospital or medical center construction, as it way advised by all consulting firm, but wants to find out what is it & that they do?. Don’t worry we got you covered, In this piece , we at Astron Healthcare try to give a very simplified process overview of Why One Should Consult Healthcare Care Equipment Sound Good Let Jump right In!


The Process Overview

The Vision Stage

The first stage is the planning of the design & vibe, it is necessary to unite the vision of all shareholders in a project, once the budget for Equipment planner’s team has been decided, it First thing they do is to create a DRP (detailed project report) It covers the process of collecting customer input to conduct a feasibility study. This study accelerates the process of developing a functional plan that serves as the basis for all planning activities in the hospital. In the DPR, sometimes a brochure that outlines the hospital’s future services plan are return is also added for all members. The document of the DRP can be used to raise funds either by helping with borrowing from banks or private lenders.

The Regulation & Integration Stage

The Second Stage is the stage Design Integration while keeping mind any regulation that the chosen location requires by the share holders or any responsible authority, It is important that the infrastructure design conforms to international (JCI) and national (NABH, NABL) standards for regulators. Making sure the plans meets national and international standards in advance help avoid wasting money, also gives a realistic picture that can achieve, and even how the project can be expended in the future.

The Stage of Equipment Planning

The Third Stage is Finally the start of the process for what the Equipment Planner were hired for, Medical equipment accounts for 60% of total investment and construction, and the constant updating of technology makes it important to make the right decisions when selecting and planning equipment. Any defect can pose a threat in terms of project costs and inconvenient numbers, leading to a complete standstill. The equipment designer works with developers and identifies specialists to begin the planning and sourcing process of furniture and medical supplies and reduce delays after completion.

The Stage of System & Man Power

As soon as the hospital is ready, Equipment Planner will support the system & make the final list personnel that is needed to make sure the equipment remain in stellar conditions, as to make ensure they keep running smoothly, also they finalization of management and management guidelines, development of the organizational structure and provision of devices.

Why Choose Astron Healthcare

we hope you now understand the process of how Health Care Equipment Planners operates at least in the broad strokes, now let talk about the service,  The Astron Hospital and Healthcare Consultants Pvt Ltd (AHHC) is a comprehensive specialty healthcare consultancy organization focused in the fields of hospital planning and design, we have successfully completed more than 60 nation-wide projects in the fields of operation research, capacity building, project planning. Astron healthcare can help you convert your dream projects into reality. If you’re in the need of a good team of Health Care Equipment Planners or Construction Consultant don’t forget to contact the Astron Healthcare today.

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