Role of Healthcare Architecture Firms in India

Designing and planning to build a hospital require exceptional knowledge and skill in various fields which is almost impossible for a single person. The healthcare architecture firms in India helps to make an effective plan and design that leads to the construction of a well constructed healthcare facility and run a smooth and successful functioning of a hospital. Hospital designs are more complex in comparison to any building design. To provide various types of services such as emergency rooms, clinical laboratories, security, surgery, hospitality and food serving that meet with regulatory codes need exclusive and detailed planning, you need hospital project consultants in India.

The perfect hospital design provides all functional requirements according to human needs that include:

  • Bed-related inpatient functions
  • Outpatient functions
  • Diagnostic and treatment functions
  • Administrative functions
  • Service functions
  • Search and teaching functions etc.


The smooth movement of people, material and waste, effective communication and convenient transportation is the key requirement of any hospital building.

What would be the building attributes in a hospital design?

Hospital space planners should present a design that includes:

  • Shortening of the distance between frequently used spaces to speed up efficiency.
  • Facilitating the convenient supervision of patients with minimum staff.
  • An excellent logistic system that provides convenient transportation of goods and supply, and removal of waste, disposable and recycles material via elevators, pneumatic tubes, box conveyors etc.
  • Provide efficient functioning between the surgical unit and incentive care unit.

Does a hospital plan require flexibility and expandability?

With the continuous change in technology and mode of treatments, a hospital design should be flexible and can be expanded when required. It should have:

  • The design should include a modular concept of space planning.
  • It should consist of an advance, accessible and modifiable electrical and mechanical system.
  • It should have provision for future expansion.

Why a therapeutic environment is necessary?

Physiologically patients in hospital seem fearful and this mental condition can slow down the recovery process. That’s why hospital designers and planners design a therapeutic environment for hospitals that make patients feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment to enhance the recovery process. A therapeutic environment includes:

  • Colours that look cheerful and light.
  • Provision for natural light which helps in fast recovery.
  • Provision for outdoor view or use natural scenes that helps to keep the mood cool and happy.
  • Should consist of friendly signage’s that helps patients and people to reach the help or target easily without help.

A design consists of cleanliness and sanitation which includes:

  • Proper and durable finishes for every functional area.
  • Perfectly installed doors, frames and tiles that are dust resistance.
  • Adopt the O&M (operation and maintenance) practices to maintain the best indoor environmental quality.

What is the need of Aesthetics in hospital design?

Hospital planners in India make an aesthetic design to enhance the visibility of a hospital publically. It includes:

  • Provision of natural light
  • Sceneries, statues, flowers, etc
  • Designer Tiles
  • Bright and open public space
  • Cheerful colours

Scope for security and safety that includes:

Apart from general security a hospital needs some major preventive steps to enhance the safety and security of things such as:

  • Protection for hospital property and asset
  • Protection for drugs
  • Protection for violent patients
  • Protection for people, patient and staff
  • Protection against terrorism.

Hospital consultancy services in India plays a vital role in planning and designing a hospital. It is a team of skilled and knowledgeable people who can make an exceptional plan and design for the efficient and successful running of a hospital.

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